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|Comments Off on “Coin Offerings” Can Constitute Securities Sales

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday brought some clarity to the market for “initial coin offerings” when it outlined a test for treating the digital “tokens” that are offered in exchange for money or digital currency as securities, but experts say key questions remain about certain types of tokens that defy easy categorization.

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|Comments Off on Chicago ‘Mini-Madoff’ Gets Nearly 6 Years In $1.7M Fraud

A 26-year-old Chicago man was sentenced Wednesday in Illinois federal court to nearly six years behind bars after copping to conning investors out of more than $1.7 million in what federal prosecutors have called a “mini-Bernie Madoff scam.”

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|Comments Off on CFTC Wins Asset Freeze In $13M Churchgoer Ponzi Suit

An Arizona federal judge issued an asset freeze Thursday against a man accused by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission of tricking Mormon church members into investing in a $13 million trading scheme that funded his personal expenses and Ponzi scheme payments.

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|Comments Off on SEC Settles With Fraudster Over $6M Startup Stock Scheme

A New Jersey man struck a deal in New Jersey federal court on Friday to settle the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s claims that he participated in an alleged scheme to pocket more than $6 million investor dollars raised for stock in a technology startup.

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|Comments Off on Feds Crack Down On $147M Boiler Room Scheme

Federal prosecutors and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought charges Wednesday against more than a dozen individuals they alleged orchestrated a $147 million boiler room scheme using aggressive telemarketing to older investors and other manipulative techniques.

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|Comments Off on NY Forex Trader Imprisoned For $1.5M Fraud Sued By CFTC

A Long Island man imprisoned for running a foreign exchange scheme was accused on Monday by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission of taking $1.5 million from investors, hiding his losses and spending what remained on phony returns payments and personal expenses.

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|Comments Off on Fallen Financier Gets 3 Years For $23M Commodities Fraud

A Manhattan federal judge on Tuesday sentenced fraudster Haena Park, who left dozens of friends and family members in financial dire straits after a six-year campaign of lies, to three years in prison, citing the defendant’s remorse, health issues and her pregnancy for showing leniency.

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|Comments Off on Man accused of stealing $10M from 122 elderly West Side victims in reverse mortgage scheme

The Federal Trade Commission filed a civil suit against him in 2003. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation suspended his loan originator registration in 2010.

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|Comments Off on Feds Bust Another Ticket Resale Ponzi, Say CEO Took $70M

Federal prosecutors accused a Long Island, New York, man on Wednesday of defrauding investors in a ticket resale business out of at least $70 million, echoing charges filed four months ago against two other men in an unrelated but similar scheme.

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|Comments Off on Starr Austen and Miller is Investigating Auto Assure, LLC’s Direct Mail Solicitation Practices
Starr Austen & Miller is investigating Auto Assure, LLC’s direct mail advertising practices for possible statutory violations. Auto Assure, LLC, based in Plano, Texas, offers vehicle owners service contracts and is not affiliated with any vehicle manufacturer or individual dealer. If you’ve received a direct mail solicitation from Auto Assure, LLC, listing your vehicle’s make, [...] Read More